The internationalization of LongVision

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Yes, we are everywhere in the corporate world. Literally.

In recent years, we have dedicated ourselves to breaking barriers. Not necessarily obstacles, in the abstract definition of something bad.

Breaking down barriers in the logistical sense of things is what I'm talking about here!

We went to other countries, other cultures and other people.

We are in several languages

And with internationalization, we need to work to translate our training.

Therefore, today, we can officially say that we are in other languages, in addition to our mother tongue, Portuguese.

In other words, our training is given in English and Spanish, too.

We understand that, to achieve our purpose of increasing happiness and reducing stress in the corporate environment, we need to go further, go further.

When international companies started contacting us for our training and inspiration, we rose to the challenge.

We translate training and reports

The challenge was beyond translating our training, as many of our inspirers are, at least, bilingual.

We would also have to translate our materials and reports owned by the company Wiley, of which we are partners.

In fact, we were the ones who translated the behavioral diagnosis reports into Portuguese. Until then, The Five Behaviors and Everything DiSC were only available in English.

That is, our purpose goes beyond bringing happiness and well-being to organizations. We want to expand. We want our training to be increasingly accessible.

We are looking to become increasingly accessible

We know the importance of being accessible, especially when we consider that many companies still need to deconstruct their rigid, hierarchical and archaic work environments.

Of course, deconstruction takes time. It is a not very easy process and path.

However, having support and guidance on this journey, everything becomes simpler.

On our side, we ended up understanding that we need to be more than guides. We need our support to reach more people, more cultures and more organizations.

A key point of being accessible is actually being present in other languages and other peoples.

This is one of the actions we have as a goal. Others are in the development process, because becoming accessible goes far beyond overcoming logistical barriers.

To find out everything about our training, available in English, Portuguese and Spanish, visit here.

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