Effective Communication

More human, assertive and effective communication

“The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has been achieved.”

William H. Whyte

Develop skills to communicate with assertiveness It is precision, through verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, adaptation to different behavioral styles, active listening and a more human communication.

Essential for making interactions much more productive.

O Effective Communication helps participants to:

Understand the nature of human communication
Adapt your communication to different styles
Communicate with more precision, assertiveness and confidence
Actively listen and get the most out of interactions with others


Effective Communication

Part 1: Intrapersonal Skills

The Art and Science of Communication
  • The evolution of communication

  • Nonverbal communication: the body speaks

  • Verbal communication

Behavioral Styles in Communication
  • Your behavioral tendencies in communication
  • Communication strategies with different styles
Influence and Trust in Communication
  • Practical Tools: 7C's and 3D's
  • Active listening and open heart
  • Storytelling: Stories made to stick

Part 2: Interpersonal Skills

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