The Five Behaviors® Team Development

The Five Behaviors® Team Development

Create an environment in which your team's dysfunctions 
give way to extraordinary relationships and results.

With a recognized and proven methodology worldwide, the
The Five Behaviors® Team Development will transform the way your
team lives and works together, creating an environment in which dysfunctions give
place for healthy relationships and extraordinary results.

“It’s not finances. It's not the strategy. It's not the technology. It is teamwork that remains the greatest competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and because it is so rare.”

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, written by Patrick Lencioni
The 5 Team Challenges

The Five Behaviors® Team Development is a high-performance team development program based on profound and lasting behavioral changes.

With it, the leader and his team jointly improve the five behaviors of The Five Behaviors model to achieve collective goals with greater efficiency, effectiveness, less stress and more happiness.

How does The Five Behaviors Team Development work?

In this program, everything starts with an online assessment, carried out by team members, which measures their performance in the five behaviors.

The report with this diagnosis is delivered to the participants and supports, in a deep and well-founded way, the discussions and development of the team during the program meetings.

This program helps participants to:

Understand the fundamental behaviors to build cohesive teams. Vulnerability-based trust underpins the model.
Diagnose how the team is performing in each of the behaviors in The Five Behaviors model
Draw up action plans to continue transforming the way the team works together after the program
Understand your behavioral style and that of your teammates, and how they contribute to the team's success.


The Five Behaviors® Team Development

Introduction of The Five Behaviors model
The Team Results


Trust Concept
Being Vulnerable: Confidence-Boosting Activities
Team Results for Trust
Action Points for Confidence


Concept of Productive Conflict
Conflict tendencies in the team
Healthy and unhealthy behaviors during conflict
Team Results for Conflict
Action Points for Conflict


Commitment Concept
What we need to have clarity and buy-in
Team Results for Commitment
Action Points for Commitment


Concept of Collective Results
Team Results for Collective Results
Action Points for Collective Results

Tools to Continue Development

Comparison Report

The comparison report helps to improve relationships and strengthen bonds between teammates. It compares, between peers, behavioral tendencies, potential areas of collaboration and also challenges in working together among those people.

Progress report

The progress report presents the team's progress with the program. Based on a new online assessment, it compares initial results to current results, showing how your performance has changed over time and pointing out obstacles still to overcome.

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