The Five Behaviors® Personal Development

The Five Behaviors® Personal Development

Create an environment in which your team's dysfunctions 
give way to extraordinary relationships and results.

Creating a truly effective teamwork culture is crucial to success. The Five Behaviors® Personal Development is the right solution for developing people who truly make teamwork a competitive advantage for organizations.

“When team members trust each other and know that everyone is capable of admitting when they are wrong, conflicts become nothing more than the search for the truth or the best possible solution.”

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, written by Patrick Lencioni
The 5 Team Challenges

The Five Behaviors® Personal Development is training that develops the individual in the 5 essential Behaviors of The Five Behaviors model: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results.

It is a solution for people who truly make teamwork the true competitive advantage of organizations.

How does The Five Behaviors Personal Development work?

The first step towards transformation is self-knowledge. To do this, a questionnaire is applied that combines an adaptive assessment and sophisticated algorithms that provide us with an accurate diagnosis and personalized insights for each participant.

This report helps people better understand their behavioral tendencies and draw up development plans for each behavior.

This program helps participants to:

Understand the fundamental principles for being a better teammate and building more cohesive teams, based on The Five Behaviors model: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results.
Uncover how your unique profile influences your behaviors and the discipline needed to overcome the barriers caused by natural tendencies that make teamwork so elusive
Develop critical behaviors and interpersonal skills necessary to be effective team players on any team.
Understand how individual styles contribute to the overall success of a team.


The Five Behaviors® Personal Development

Introduction to The Five Behaviors model
It all starts with you: your behavioral tendencies


Vulnerability-Based Trust Concept
Being Vulnerable: Reasons Why You May Shut Down
Building Habits of Trust: individual action plan


Conflict Concept
Fostering Productive Conflicts
Your Approach to Conflict
Building Habits for Conflict: Individual Action Plan


Commitment Concept
The pillars: clarity and buy-in
Your barriers to achieving Commitment
Building habits for Commitment: individual action plan


Accountability Concept
Embracing accountability
Holding Others Accountable: Feedback!
Building habits for Accountability: individual action plan

Collective Results

Concept of Collective Results
Your motivators for Collective Results
Building habits for Collective Results: individual action plan

Tools to Continue Development

Comparison Report

The comparison report helps to improve relationships and strengthen bonds between teammates. It compares, between peers, behavioral tendencies, potential areas of collaboration and also challenges in working together among those people.

Progress report

The progress report presents the team's progress with the program. Based on a new online assessment, it compares initial results to current results, showing how your performance has changed over time and pointing out obstacles still to overcome.

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