What to do on Happiness Day?

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March 20th, International Day of Happiness. And does this day fit with work? That's what we're going to discuss today!

What to do on Happiness Day at work?

I bet you don't usually think about work when the question of happiness is on the agenda. We think about our friends, our personal achievements, our family; it goes without saying!

However, have you ever stopped to think that, generally, most of your time is spent on your work and who you spend time with in that environment?

So, how can we ignore, on this day, the largest quotient in the equation? There's no way, right?

Ideally, work should contribute to your happiness, not cancel it out.

However, I agree that this is not always simple to resolve. After all, there are many variables. However, with small actions on a daily basis, it is possible to reduce stress in the workplace and increase happiness.

And I can prove it!

Simple actions and tips to increase happiness and reduce stress in the workplace

As you may know, we here at LongVision, we are masters in guiding cohesion and high performance training in teams. In fact, many people, especially leaders, seek us out to obtain better collective results in organizations.

But the trick is not necessarily in the techniques. Obviously, technical skills must be acquired. But what will make the difference is in behavior.

In other words, small, daily transformative attitudes to build trust between people and, consequently, everyone's commitment.

In the end, results are only seen if people trust, believe they belong to that team, are included in that organization and, therefore, are happy there.

Happiness is the main indicator of cohesion and results in a team

Happy people are overflowing with motivation and inspiration. Happy people make a difference, both professionally and personally.

So, how to be happy at work?

As I mentioned above, with small actions. Of course, normally, these small actions should start with the leaders. Therefore, if you, who read me, are not a leader, it makes sense to forward this article to those who are!

A simple action and tip to practice happiness in the workplace is recognition. That is, small constructive feedback and compliments from time to time - and not for very long periods of time - make people feel important.

We really want to know that we make a difference there, beyond a promotion. And I'm not saying that remuneration isn't important. Quite the opposite. After all, we need to pay the bills.

On the other hand, we must see these small daily acts as motivational aggregators for any human being.

Furthermore, what do you do when you have a dispute with a colleague? Does it close? Swallow and move on? So my suggestion is that you sort it out and don't wait for the fight to grow before it becomes a snowball that will swallow everyone.

Close that box. And here, training Connection, Communication and Collaboration is of utmost importance. Just like training The Five Behaviors.

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