Connection, Communication and Collaboration

Face challenging situations with more empathy and emotional maturity

“For better or worse, intelligence can be of no help when emotions dominate us.”

Daniel Goleman

Burnout, destroyed relationships and lost productivity are just some of the consequences of prolonged, unprocessed stress in the workplace as well as in personal life.

In this training, principles of Emotional Intelligence and Non-Violent Communication are explored to provide self-management of emotions and healthier interactions.

O Connection, Communication and Collaboration helps participants to:

Deal with your emotions in a healthier way
Face challenging situations with more empathy, diplomacy and emotional maturity
Cultivate healthier and more functional relationships through active listening
Achieve better results in stressful situations
Thrive by optimizing your well-being and productivity


Connection, Communication and Collaboration

Part 1: Intrapersonal Skills

  • Introduction to the journey: what is it  IE and CNV 
  • The neuroscience of emotional intelligence
  • Behavioral styles
  • Recognizing emotions
  • Recognizing needs
  • Our brain and survival strategies Freeze, Flight and Fight
  • Managing emotions

Part 2: Interpersonal Skills

  • Social skills
  • The power of empathy
What disconnects us
  • Violent communication
  • Unconscious biases
  • Normosis
  • Moralizing judgments
What connects us
  • Observation without evaluation
  • Active listening
  • Self Empathy

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