Consumer Week: more than promotions, good service is what will increase sales

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The long-awaited Consumer Week has arrived. If you don't already know, just Google it and you'll be hit with thousands of ads and promotions. 

But today I'm not here to give you tips on what to buy, how to buy or how to prevent scams.

I want to talk about the impact of good customer service.

Consumer Week started on the 11th and runs until the 18th of March, with the official Consumer Date being the 15th of March.

In addition to offering services and products, what else do you look for as a consumer and what else do you offer as a company?

Consumer Week, as well as other commemorative dates, is for companies of various sizes to take advantage of to sell. And sell a lot!

Actions such as mass advertisements, promotions, discounts never seen before - or almost never seen before - are triggered daily, if not hourly.

And people, of course, take advantage of the week to buy. 

So, we know that consumers are already prepared to shop during this week. However, shall we go further?

What is not said or visible to companies is how much good service counts for consumers. Many companies, by the way, only rely on good discounts to increase revenue during this period.

What is the impact of good service?

According to the CDC - Consumer Protection Code -, customers have the right to information, the right to choice, security and the right to be heard.

However, let's go beyond the CDC. We will build a good relationship with our customers.

But is this possible? Clear! As long as we focus on building a relationship of trust with our employees, first and foremost.

It is from a good working environment that you can offer good service to the end consumer. 

According to reports and surveys, good customer service ranks second in customer priorities, beyond the price of the product or service. In other words, good service directly impacts the purchasing decision.

Especially because the price can attract occasional customers. Good service, on the other hand, will build a loyalty relationship, ideal for companies to grow sustainably.

What is the relationship between good customer service and a healthy work environment for employees?

The trick is not necessarily spending a lot of money on improving your customer service structure. 

In fact, investing in internal training that contributes to the health, happiness and well-being of teams and people is what will ensure that your end client is very well served in the short, medium and long term.

Just as loyal people are attracted to service and, therefore, remain loyal, inspired employees and talents will not only do a good job in pursuit of collective results, but will also reflect their motivation to the company's external environment, including customer service.

One thing cannot be considered separately from the other. The company's internal environment directly reflects its results in the market.

Want more data? I give you! According to a survey made available by the Wiley organization - which is a leader in behavioral management training and reports - almost 90% of people who participate in behavioral training that improves organizational health say they are more committed and aligned with the company's culture and results.

Furthermore, they say that their teams have improved greatly in effectiveness and efficiency.

In other words, contributing to a healthier, happier and more sustainable work environment causes employees to create confidence, commitment and focus on collective results, far beyond their individual results.

In the end, isn't that what we want? That our teams are engaged enough for sales to increase, regardless of whether they are from Commercial or not?

Investing in employees is investing in consumers

Generally speaking, investing in employees is investing in consumers. Happy, inspired employees focused on collective results will build great relationships with customers.

So, building trust in the work environment, so that people feel comfortable and belonging to the organization, is the basis for commitment and for teams to engage enough in search of the best solutions, no matter the sector or department.

Consumer Week: the impact of good service.

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